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The commitment of Sussan, Greenwald & Wesler to children with special needs is shared by each and every one of our attorneys, all of whom have professional and personal ties to this important area of law. In addition to their legal credentials, most of the firm’s lawyers are professionals in such areas as special education, speech and language pathology, clinical social work and psychotherapy.

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We support you as you work with school professionals to develop an appropriate Individualized Education Program (IEP) for your child.


Facing a challenge in obtaining an appropriate education for your child with special needs? We will be right by your side to mediate disputes.


By obtaining guardianship of your adult child with special needs, you’ll be able to act on their behalf when making important life decisions.

504 Plans

If your child meets the guidelines for a Section 504 plan, we will advise about options and help you navigate the school system.

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The Fundamentals of Estate Planning
The Fundamentals of Estate Planning

One of the best ways to help assure that your assets will be managed for your family as you intend is to develop a comprehensive estate plan designed to meet your individual needs.

Type of Trusts
Type of Trusts

There are two basic types of trusts: living trusts and testamentary trusts. A living trust or an “inter-vivos” trust is set up during the person’s lifetime. A Testamentary trust is set up in a will and established only after the person’s death when the will goes into effect.

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Why Hire Us?

Sussan, Greenwald & Wesler is recognized as one of the leading special education law firms in NJ, having helped thousands of children with special needs receive access to the educational opportunities they might otherwise not have had. Our efforts on behalf of our clients have helped to set legal precedent in the New Jersey and Federal Courts.

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As a special education law firm, we want to help parents remain hopeful & optimistic about their child's future.

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Join our interactive webinars where participants can engage with us and ask questions to our expert panel.

What our clients say

Client Testimonials

“Sussan, Greenwald & Wesler and Andrew Meltzer went to bat for my family and we prevailed in the end. We will be forever grateful and can’t wait to see our son prosper in his new placement.”   – Tom and Jen P.

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Collaborative Methodology

We use a team approach to handle issues regarding your child with special needs. This allows you greater access to attorneys when you encounter difficulties in dealing with your school district, or as emergencies arise.

Staci J. Greenwald, Esq.

Special Education Attorney
I am passionate about helping families navigate special education matters.

Jayne M. Wesler, Esq.

Special Education Attorney
I advocate for the rights of students who require special education programs.

Lenore Boyarin, Esq.

Special Education Attorney
I am uniquely qualified to advocate on behalf of children with special needs.

Alex M. Hilsen, Esq., LL.M.

Estate Planning Attorney
I use my financial expertise to guide clients in estate issues including trusts and wills.

Andrew I. Meltzer, Esq.

Special Education Attorney
I help special needs students attain the success in school and life they are capable of achieving.

Mariann Crincoli, Esq.

Special Education Attorney
I counsel clients in the areas of special education, student discipline and HIB.

Theresa Sullivan

I believe strongly in the inherent value of education and the societal benefits of widespread access to education.
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