6 Inclusive summer programming options in NJ to check out

Jul 6, 2017 | Special Education, Special Needs

Written by  Sussan, Greenwald & Wesler

If you’re still considering summer programming options for your child with special needs, here are six wonderful camps/summer schools in New Jersey that can provide activities for kids of all ages. Each inclusive program will ensure that your child has equal opportunities to be included in recreational settings so they can learn and play together.

Fusion Academy Princeton

Fusion Academy offers a summer school that won’t take away your summer fun! Middle and high school students can catch up on missed credits, retake a class, get ahead before next semester, or supplement a homeschool program with an art, music, or lab class. From algebra to yoga and everything in between, they offer over 250 courses for you to choose from, always taught one student to one teacher. They also offer rolling admissions and flexible scheduling.

Harbor Haven

Harbor Haven is a unique summer camp program which provides children with a social and educational experience that bridges the gap between school years. In a nurturing, camp-like environment, children engage in a variety of traditional summer activities combined with strong support for the academic, therapeutic, and social needs described in their IEP.

 HI-STEP Summer Program

HI-STEP’s five-week summer day program is focused on developing children’s social-emotional & problem-solving skills through group social skills training, individualized attention, sports & recreational activities, creative arts, academic-related activities, and special events.

Round Lake Camp

Round Lake Camp, an NJY Camp, is an inclusion program for children ages 7 to 17 with learning differences, social communication disorders, and ADHD. In an environment of opportunity and choice, campers are able to integrate into all mainstream activities based on their interest and comfort level. They share all the facilities and programming with Camp Nah-Jee-Wah and Cedar Lake Camp.

Summit Camp & Travel

Coed Summit Camp serves campers ages 8 to 19 with ADD/ADHD/NVLD/ Aspergers/ASD, and helps enhance their social skills, and with building confidence and friendships. Their Travel Program for ages 15+ adds transition skills as well as independence. Trips this year include Vienna, Budapest and Prague, the Everglades, Miami, Cancun and Orlando theme parks, and Niagara Falls along the Great Lakes to Minneapolis. Their local Weekender program, ages 11-18, offers youth group-like excursions on a monthly basis.

Winston Preparatory School

Winston Preparatory School’s Summer Enrichment Program provides 4th-12th grade students with the unique opportunity to participate in an individualized program aimed to enhance academic skills. Students are grouped in small classes according to skill level and learning style. As part of each student’s schedule, they receive daily writing, encoding/decoding, reading comprehension, test preparation, organization, and time management skills. Additionally, each student receives daily one-on-one instruction targeting areas of greatest need. Through instruction, students gain a better understanding of strengths and weaknesses, build self-confidence and independence, and improve self-advocacy skills.

Some additional links to visit as you search for summer programming options include:

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We hope you have a very happy and safe summer with your family!

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