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Practice, Predictability, and Patience.

HELPING KIDS WITH SENSORY ISSUES ADJUST TO MASK-WEARING Most people have adjusted to wearing a mask during the Covid-19 pandemic, but the strange and new feeling of a mask against the face can be difficult for children with sensory processing differences. Parents, here are some suggestions for making the transition to mask-wearing easier on your child – and you! 1. The Mask. • If you already know the things your child can’t stand, like seams, tags, or synthetic fabrics that may feel scratchy, choose masks that don’t have these irritants. • Get masks that are properly sized for your child’s age and face, with adjustable...

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It’s Back to School – One Way or Another

Whether or not we feel ready, the start of another school year is here. The big difference this year, of course, is the COVID-19 virus. Some school districts will open on a modified basis, but many families are continuing only virtual learning from home. Whatever this school year holds for you and your special needs child, the attorneys at Sussan, Greenwald & Wesler want to share some tips to help with the adjustment to this new school model. Staci J. Greenwald, Esq. Being proactive can help avoid problems once the school year starts. Reach out to your child’s teacher in advance and...

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Returning to the Classroom under COVID: A Planning Checklist

When children walk into their classrooms this fall, many things will look different. Since familiarity helps children feel secure, the changes necessary to safeguard everyone from COVID-19 may upset or confuse your child, at least at first. To help parents prepare children for new school procedures, the national Centers for Disease Control (CDC), offers some ideas: Talk with your child: Describe how the school will look different (e.g., desks far apart from each other, teachers maintaining physical distance, the possibility of staying in the classroom for lunch). Ask about how the school is going and about interactions with classmates and teachers. Find out...

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