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Tag: special education

Happy Birthday, IDEA!

Dec 1, 2020
December 2nd is National Special Education Day, commemorating the anniversary of the nation’s first federal special education law. The Education for All Handicapped Children’s Act was signed into law on...

How to avoid the 10 biggest mistakes made at IEP meetings

Dec 1, 2017
When you are preparing for what may very well be one of the most important meetings of your life, it’s important to be prepared. Join Sussan, Greenwald & Wesler Attorney...

Is your child with special needs ready to graduate?

Jan 31, 2017
Written by Mariann Crincoli, Esq. As a child approaches his or her 18th birthday, most parents feel a loss of control as he or she officially enters adulthood. Parents of...

Five steps to getting the Special Education process started

Nov 16, 2016
Written by Mariann Crincoli, Esq. Special education is governed by federal and state law which requires public school districts to provide children with disabilities a free and appropriate public education...

Independent Educational Evaluations

Sep 7, 2016
I REQUESTED AN INDEPENDENT EVALUATION AND THE DISTRICT SAID “NO”: NOW WHAT? One of a parent’s most powerful tools is the right to request an independent educational evaluation at public...

When should I ask for an Independent Educational Evaluation?

Mar 26, 2015
The school district tells you that your child no longer needs occupational therapy but you disagree. The child study team has evaluated your child and did not identify a problem...

What least “Restrictive Environment” means under the IDEIA?

Apr 24, 2014
The concept of “least restrictive environment” is a core element of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvements Act (IDEIA), and was a fairly revolutionary concept when embraced in its predecessor,...

Knowing when to get your child the help he or she needs

Apr 21, 2014
There is a wide range of severity of different childhood disabilities. Many conditions may not be readily apparent and may take years to identify and diagnose. But that does not...

Early childhood benefits under IDEIA

Apr 14, 2014
Much of the discussion pertaining to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEIA) focuses on what it provides to the parents of school-age children in New Jersey and throughout...

Due Process and Special Education Services

Apr 10, 2014
When most people hear the term “due process,” they think of a person’s right to a trial before receiving punishment for a crime. However, in our legal system, due process...