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The Best Valentine Gift May Not be Flowers or Candy – Give Your Loved Ones Peace of Mind

This year, consider showing your love for your partner and family members by getting your estate in order. Why? Begin with the pain caused by the loss of you as a beloved partner, parent, and provider. Now add sorting through boxes, calling banks, looking for an attorney or accountant, and dealing with the courts. People who die intestate leave behind a mountain of bureaucratic navigation and hoops to jump through before the estate can be settled. A quality estate plan is an important legal document that saves your friends and family time, money, and anxiety about the future. It’s also a way of expressing...

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Chocolate, Nuts, Soy, Dairy . . . Ways to Ensure Your Child’s Valentine’s Day is Food Allergy Safe

By Jayne M. Wesler, Esq. Allergy awareness has increased significantly over the last decade. The number of students with life-threatening allergies continues to expand. The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Connection team notes that, in recent years, the number of people with food allergies has doubled. At this point, there are approximately two students in every classroom in the United States with an identified food allergy. That is the equivalent of about six million children. Allergies are actually a disease caused by hypersensitivity of the immune system to substances in the environment that are often harmless to most of the population. Many of...

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New Year’s Resolution #1: Plan Now for the Future of My Special Needs Child

Whatever the age of your special needs child, from infant to adult, it’s critical not to put off planning for the future care and supervision of your loved one. Many children with disabilities will survive their parents and siblings. General Estate Planning is important for everyone, and if you are the parent or guardian of a child with a disability, a Special Needs Trust (SNT) must form an essential part of your planning. Here are some FAQs About SNTs: What is a Special Needs Trust? The SNT allows family and friends to leave assets to provide for the person with a disability. When...

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World Braille Day

By Jayne M. Wesler, Esq. Why do we Celebrate World Braille Day? World Braille Day commemorates the birth of Louis Braille – on 04 January 1809 in France. In 1829 he published his "Method of Writing Words, Music, and Plain Song by Means of Dots, for Use by the Blind and Arranged by Them." But why is there a World Braille Day? What’s the big deal? Perhaps the stories of HM, Bruce Sexton, and Eric Guillory will answer those questions. In 2011, HM was an eleven-year-old fifth-grade student enrolled in a public school in New Jersey. Legally blind from birth, HM was diagnosed with albinism...

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