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I Already Have an Estate Plan. What About My Pets?

I Already Have an Estate Plan. What About My Pets?


You’re a planner. You set out goals and you achieve them. You’ve got a comprehensive estate plan that includes a will, named guardians for your children, irrevocable trusts for your dependents, a health care proxy, and an advanced care directive.

But what will happen to your beloved pets if you pass before they do?

No problem. Just have your estates and trusts attorney set up a pet trust.

Special Needs Estate Planning: Which Documents Do I Need?

(This is the third article in our multi-part estate planning series.)   If you have a child with special needs, there are countless issues you must consider as you plan for their future care and well-being. You are their primary guardian today – but what happens if you are suddenly incapacitated or otherwise unable to continue in your caregiving role? Of course, you want your child to be cared for according to your wishes. Now, we understand this is very personal information. You may feel you want to “keep it in the family” and not involve an outsider in your personal business. However, you...

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